USC student reveals apartment’s ‘Transformers’ bed-desk-closet machine, and TikTok has opinions

A University of Southern California student living in an off-campus apartment is going viral after revealing his bedroom’s furniture chimera — and TikTok has thoughts.

TikTok user @notmaxcohen gained over 6.6 million views, 489,000 likes, 10,000 shares, 16,000 saves and 4,900 comments when he shared how the furniture machine works.

While we’ve seen college students’ living arrangements go viral in the past — like the NYU student who captured the moment her entire prewar bathroom ceiling collapsed, or the grad student who wondered if her basement apartment could legally be considered an apartment — this might be the first time a student has attracted attention online for co-existing with a Transformers-like piece of furniture.

In @notmaxcohen‘s video, the USC student explains that he just moved into the off-campus apartment and felt he needed to show TikTok his bedroom’s bed/desk/closet contraption.

The machine — which he refers to as an “Ori system” — sits in the middle of the bedroom, and with a few button clicks, can switch from “desk mode” to “bed mode,” revealing a twin-sized trundle bed and closet unit.

“I just can’t imagine bringing someone over and this is what they see,” he says.

In a follow-up video, @notmaxcohen explains that the apartment is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit that he and his roommate each pay $1,650 a month for.

In an exclusive statement to In The Know by Yahoo, a USC public relations representative clarified that the apartment in question is not university housing, but rather a privately owned off-campus apartment.

‘My claustrophobia could never’

Nearly 5,000 TikTokers shared their feelings on the machine in the comment section.

“Imagine a power outage in desk mode,” wrote @mostunfollowed.

“funniest part is the room is plenty big enough for a desk, bed, and wardrobe on its own w/o that contraption,” commented @micmccrack.

“My claustrophobia could never!!!!” added @joanie517

“My thing is, what happens when someone comes in and press desk mode and now you’re squished and half dead?” asked @leeanngamesfood — to which @notmaxcohen replied in a follow-up video.

“So I’m gonna have my roommate try to trap me in the Ori system,” @notmaxcohen says in the follow-up video. He then proceeds to lie down in the trundle bed as his roommate switches the machine into “desk mode.”

But users’ questions didn’t stop there.

“Where do you put your chair for your desk without it getting crushed against the wall,” asked @aevaevaev. To demonstrate his answer, @notmaxcohen filmed another follow-up video.

What is the Ori Pocket Studio?

To learn more about the “Ori system,” as @notmaxcohen referred to the unit, In The Know by Yahoo reached out to Ori Living.

“Our mission at Ori is to empower people to live large in small spaces, particularly in a time of rising rents and shrinking unit sizes,” a representative for Ori Living told In The Know.

“We work with building owners to try different layouts and configurations, doing our best to learn and improve as we go. Our goal is to make small spaces function better for residents.

“All Ori systems undergo extensive safety testing and are certified by UL to the same standards as all household and commercial furnishings. Every Ori system comes equipped with safety-stop technology to prevent accidental harm.

“We have reached out to both the resident and to building ownership to ensure the Ori Pocket Studio is operating as intended, but have not heard back.”

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