A ‘Vegan’ Bakery Was Exposed For Buying And Re-Selling Dunkin’ Donuts To Customers

a person holding a donut
'Vegan' Bakery Exposed For Selling Dunkin' Donuts@cindysnacks / Instagram
  • A Long Island baker was exposed for allegedly passing off Dunkin' donuts as her own.

  • She also claimed that her donuts were vegan and gluten-free, when they were not.

  • A vegan grocery store revealed the controversy after receiving a box of suspicious baked goods.

Food allergies and intolerances are serious. You probably didn't need me to tell you that. But you know who does need to hear it? A baker on Long Island who's allegedly been passing off Dunkin' donuts as her own creations and claiming they're vegan and gluten-free when they're obviously not.

According to vegan grocery store CindySnacks, who revealed the controversy on Instagram, the owner of vegan bakery Savory Fig, Michelle Siriani, dropped off a box of baked goods that included the suspicious donuts. The questionable treats quite literally looked straight off of Dunkin's shelves, complete with the brand's patented letter "D" sprinkles.

"I (John) immediately became concerned as to why this one donut was decorated differently than all the others and in such a strikingly similar way to a recognizable chain. I pulled all of the items delivered out of our racks immediately and stored them in the back out of precaution until I could confirm what was or wasn’t happening here," the CindySnacks account posted on Instagram.

Despite Siriani's assurance that she baked the donuts herself, the CindySnacks owners decided to test the product for gluten with a kit. Low and behold, that's exactly what they found.

"We then ordered an at-home gluten test trusted and used by gluten-sensitive and allergic individuals. The test results as seen in slide 4 proved to us that at the very least, this donut (and most likely ALL of her donuts) contain substantial amounts of gluten," the statement continued. "We can only assume, given this recognizable logo design, where these donuts really came from and what other ingredients they might contain."

According to a Reddit page exposing Siriani, some "sleuthing" revealed that the donuts delivered to CindySnacks looked identical to Dunkin's Valentine's heart donuts and Christmas donuts.

The internet was rightfully appalled.

"The way that I GASPED,” one user wrote. Another chimed in, “I want the Netflix documentary NOW.”

According to CindySnacks, who shared an update on Tuesday, the owners have contacted the Division of Food Safety and Inspection from NY Agriculture and Markets. The organization is opening an investigation. Michelle Siriani, meanwhile, has not yet made a statement and has deleted The Savory Fig's Instagram account.

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