Victoria Beckham insists she's never had a nose job

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Victoria Beckham has never had a nose job.

During a recent chat with celebrity make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury for YouTube, the fashion designer rejected rumours suggesting she had her nose surgically altered.

"People have also said that I've had a nose job. Never had a nose job. I've always had a nose like this. It is the nose trick," she stated.

Charlotte then went on to demonstrate her "nose trick" on Victoria, which involved applying contour "down the centre" of her nose and adding a "little dot" with highlighter sort of like an exclamation point.

"It just gives you a button nose," the beauty expert said.

Victoria didn't share whether she has tried any other cosmetic procedures.

But back in 2017, the former Spice Girls star revealed she regretted getting breast implants as a young woman.

Elsewhere in the chat with Charlotte, Victoria noted that she isn't interested in anti-ageing products.

"I don't think skincare is about trying to look younger. It's about looking like the best version of yourself and embracing who you are and looking polished and gorgeous," the mother-of-four added.