Victoria Derbyshire confronts Noel Edmonds over 'cancer cure' comments

Mike P Williams
Victoria Derbyshire and Noel Edmonds come to blows. (PA)

Noel Edmonds has once again come under fire for his comments about cancer being ’caused by negativity’, this time from BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire.

The TV personality, 69, famously believes he cured his own cancer but was slammed by Derbyshire, 49, who has suffered from the disease herself.

Speaking with the presenter, Edmonds reiterated the audacious claim that negative energy brings on the disease.

She then brought up the time he tweeted a cancer survivor to ask if they believed their negative energy brought on the illness.

‘I regret the fact he didn’t answer the question,’ he replied.

‘It is a scientific fact that negative energy causes disease and negative thoughts are part of that process. It changes the outcome and millions of doctors and scientists will tell you that,’ the former Deal Or No Deal host expressed.

Noel Edmonds rubbed Victoria Derbyshire up the wrong way. (Getty)

Derbyshire hit back: ‘Don’t you think that is a horrible thing that you said to a cancer survivor?’

To which Edmonds replied: ‘No because I asked him a question – a perfectly reasonable question.’

Things got a little heated when the host pressed him on his comments, asking: ‘Do you think all cancers can be caused by negative attitudes?’

To which the ex-Noel’s House Party icon snapped: ‘No!’

Derbyshire really put him on the spot and forced him to explain what he meant, as she queried which cancers specifically were caused be so-called negativity, to which he muttered: ‘I don’t know I’m not a doctor.’

People on Twitter were equally unimpressed by his way of thinking and insensitivity, too.

After previously discussing his miracle on This Morning where he claimed to have destroying his own cancer with sound waves in 2016, Edmonds failed to see what Derbyshire was getting at with her line of questioning but asking: ‘Sorry, the point you’re making is?’

Noel Edmonds attending BAFTA’s tribute to Bob Monkhouse. (Getty)

‘I don’t understand the link you’re making. I wasn’t doing a diagnosis. I was asking a question.

‘We need to explore a lot more about the energy of the human body,’ he concluded.

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