VIDEO: Pakistani Hindus talk about their persecution

Rahul M
·1-min read

A BBC Urdu video, published on YouTube, is breaking the Internet. 

It features several Pakistani Hindus who are underlining deep-seated prejudice and hate rampant against the Hindu community in their country. 

They are talking about the snide barbs and insulting comments which are aimed at them by their friends, colleagues and peers because of their faith.

Hindus BBC
Hindus BBC

The video also highlights anti-Hindu bigotry propagated by school textbooks in Pakistan, officially sanctioned by the Pakistani government.

Hindus in the video cited many examples from school textbooks which demonise and castigate Hindus.

They delve into how children from an early age are systematically taught to hate Hindus, their Gods and customs. Derided as ‘kafirs’ (pejorative slur for non-believers), they are held responsible for everything that is wrong with the country.

There have been several cases in the recent past of kidnapping of Hindu girls who are later converted and forcefully married to Muslim men. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan too is often slammed for not doing anything to stop brutal persecution of the Hindus.

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