Video shows a bear standing on its hind legs, opening a car door, and helping itself to a cooler in the back seat

  • Video shared by Colorado wildlife officials shows a black bear using its paws to open a truck.

  • The bear crawled in the cab and emerged with what appeared to be a bag of food.

  • "Bears are gonna bear — people are the solution — change your habits," Colorado officials said.

A clever black bear captured on video in Colorado appeared to know exactly what he was looking for when he opened the door of a pickup truck, crawled inside, and left with what was likely a bag of food.

The video, posted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife on May 12, showed the bear approaching the vehicle on all fours. When the bear got to the back door, it stood up on its hind legs and appeared to peek into — but was more likely smelling — the backseat.

The bear then placed its paws onto the door handle and opened the truck door. It then pulled a red and white hard-sided cooler to the ground, spilling what appeared to be canned drinks. The bear proceeded to crawl fully into the cab of the truck and emerged moments later carrying what looked like a lunchbox or soft-sided cooler in its mouth. It then jogged away from the truck.


"In case you were looking for a sign to lock your car doors — this is it," Colorado Parks and Wildlife wrote alongside the tweet.

The agency said it has received 173 reports of bear activity, spread across 25 counties, in Colorado so far this year, adding that bears "should NOT be eating from trash receptacles, bird feeders or other human-provided food sources." Bears that successfully access human food can become food-conditioned, leading them to actively seek out human food, which can be dangerous for the bear and for people.

"Bears are gonna bear — people are the solution — change your habits," Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a tweet.

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