The View's Whoopi Goldberg Is Meh About Weddings, But Shared Delightfully Bizarre Reason Why She Attended Joy Behar's

 Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on The View (side by side)
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on The View (side by side)

The end of wedding season is upon us and the ladies of The View have something to say about it. This week, the all-female talk show chatted about their thoughts on weddings, and how they have become a financial strain on many guests and participants. Sheryl Haines asked co-host Whoopi Goldberg about how she feels about weddings, to which the comedian responded that she doesn’t particularly like going to weddings at all. She did, however, attend co-star Joy Behar’s wedding... for a hilariously weird reason.

While Goldberg may not like wedding season, she was willing to attend Joy Behar’s wedding to her longtime husband Steve back in 2011. As to why she attended her co-host’s wedding, despite not being a fan of the hoopla around weddings, she had a very bizarre reason. She revealed on The View (via Entertainment Weekly):

[It was] Because I loved the reason you got married, not just because you were in love, but because you guys wanted to make sure that you have somebody in case somebody had to pull the plug. Isn't that what you said? And I thought, you know, love is great, but practicality is everything.

It's pretty dark perspective, however, it seems like Goldberg really respected the practical reason instead of all of the romance usually associated with weddings . Behar, who is now 80, married her husband Steve when she was in her late 60s after being married once prior. While love certainly is usually enough of a reason to tie the knot, it seems like the blunt nature of Behar’s perspective around her own marriage was enough to charm the Ghost actress into attending the ceremony. As to if that was actually the reason The View host got married, Behar said, laughing:

That's right, yeah.

While Whoopi Goldberg may not like attending weddings, she's had three herself due to the fact she 's been married three times. She's said previously that she couldn’t wait to get divorced every time that she got married, so her take on weddings isn't necessarily surprising. She may not love marriage, but she is a vocal supporter of one-night stands, so maybe its the commitment that doesn't sit well with the talk show host. The EGOT winner never shies away from sharing her true thoughts and opinions on her daytime discussion show, and her true honesty is truly refreshing.

Goldberg would likely be more supportive of the many couples this year who decided to opt out of having a wedding and decided to make their love official at the courthouse. Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup decided to have a “justice of the peace” style affair, and based on reports, Chris Evans and Alba Baptista also had a small, intimate celebration. A massive wedding isn’t always required to celebrate love, and I totally see where Goldberg is coming from when it comes to attending weddings, as the event sometimes puts a lot of pressure on guests. It sounds like if you want the Color Purple star at your wedding, you need a pretty practical reason for doing so.

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