Vin Diesel shows off the script for 'Riddick 4'

Ben Arnold
The Chronicles of Riddick (Credit: Universal)

Chronicles of Riddick fans rejoice... it looks like a fourth movie is making progress.

Vin Diesel – aka Riddick himself – has dropped tangible evidence of this via a particularly husky post on his Instagram page.

It appears that for his birthday, which was July 18, he received a script for the movie from his longtime collaborator David Twohy.

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The movie will be called Riddick 4: Furya, a project which has been in the development stages since at least 2015.

Diesel and Twohy confirmed that they were working on a new story for the series in 2016, and at one time were set to go into production in 2017.

That came and went, but it now looks like it's back on, with a finished script from Twohy, who directed all three movies and both wrote and directed The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick, now in Vin's mitts.

It was Pitch Black, the first in the series released in 2000, which made a name for Diesel as an action star, an ultra low budget sci-fi sleeper hit in which he played the notorious fugitive criminal Richard B. Riddick, who has modified eyes allowing him to see in the dark.

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Though it didn't gross a staggering amount ($53 million, just over double its budget), it found a cult following and The Chronicles of Riddick arrived in 2004 with a $120 million and starring roles for Dame Judi Dench, Karl Urban and Thandie Newton.

It proved a failure at the box office, however, making just $115 million, but nonetheless, financing was secured for a third movie, simply named Riddick, which arrived in 2013.

That too failed to set the box office alight, costing less at $38 million, but only making $98.3 million, and a likely loss after other costs.

Who would make Riddick 4 remains unclear at present, but Legendary Pictures were thought to be in the running at one stage.