Vin Diesel teases a big 'Fast and Furious' surprise

Hold on tight, because the adrenaline-fueled 'Fast and Furious' franchise might be revving its engines for an unexpected 12th installment! At the premiere of the heart-pounding 'Fast X', Vin Diesel, the muscle-bound star of the series, hinted that what was originally planned as the 11th movie may now expand into a thrilling trilogy. Universal Studios initially proposed a two-part movie, but after witnessing the intensity and excitement of 'Fast X', they were inspired to transform it into a three-part saga. While Diesel remained tight-lipped about an official announcement, the anticipation builds for 'Fast 12' as 'Fast X' speeds into theaters on May 19th, introducing Jason Momoa as the latest formidable villain seeking revenge against Dominic Torretto and his family. Brace yourself for a shocking cliffhanger that sets the stage for the highly anticipated 11th film in 2025. Buckle up for the wild ride ahead, exclusively from our MRSS feed!