Vin Diesel’s bizarre interview leaves fans baffled

Good old Vin Diesel. While we would be sleepily slurping coffee if asked to sit down for a promotional chat at six in the morning, the Fast And The Furious star decided to do the exact opposite – by excitedly doing an impression of Good Morning Britain interviewer Richard Arnold in a loud cockney accent because… Well, we’re not sure exactly.

Diesel was in town to promote Fast & Furious Live, which is essentially Swan Lake but with cars (probably). Die-hard fans will pay to watch a series of stunt set-pieces that are taking place in a large arena, as part of a £25m show that features fancy motors, 3D projections and an actual submarine.

So, perhaps the adrenaline of launching the event in London has made Diesel go a bit over-excited. Perhaps he’s been watching Mary Poppins on a loop in his hotel room. But, whatever the reason for his odd interview technique, the Good Morning Britain interview left fans absolutely baffled.

Some blamed booze (though we’re sure Vin Diesel, a professional, wouldn’t have been on the sauce at that time in the morning).

Others had different theories…

Some fans saw the funny side…

While a lot of people just seemed worried.

Still, pretty much everyone seemed to be in agreement with the following statement.

Let’s hope this is a brief phase Vin’s going through, we don’t fancy hearing his London accent in the next Fast & Furious film, which already has enough problems to contend with. As for what would happen if Diesel decided to mutter ‘I am Groot’ in that voice in the next Guardians Of The Galaxy movie… Actually, we’d quite like to see that.

If you fancy seeing a bunch of cars driving around an arena, you can buy tickets for the event here.

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