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These Vintage Pictures of Princess Anne IRL Will Give You So Much Fashion Envy

Without a doubt, Princess Anne is the best part of season 3 of The Crown. Played by Erin Doherty, she comes in as the sassy little sister, and not only puts Prince Charles in his place multiple times, but sleeps with Camilla Shand's future husband and tells him he's basically just her f*ck buddy. It's amazing! That love quadrangle? It actually happened. She's a true boss, a fashion icon, and basically everything I personally aspire to be.

You might be wondering, though, what Princess Anne looks like IRL. When she was the age depicted in the show, what did she actually dress like? Thankfully, pictures of her at that age are pretty damn easy to find because she is literally a princess, so we put a bunch of 'em in a really convenient slideshow for you. We started at her literal birth, so you can watch that glow-up as you click through. You're welcome!