Virtue Launches Damage Reverse Serum Meant to Repair Hair

Hair care brand Virtue is unveiling its most clinically tested launch to date with the Damage Reverse Serum.

The serum is a daily treatment that includes the brand’s hero technology, Alpha Keratin 60Ku, alongside different peptides, tremella mushroom and a photoprotection complex. It will retail for $60.

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Virtue claims the serum can reduce breakage by two times after a single use and repair 98 percent of split ends.

Immediately visible results are a key part of the brand’s marketing strategy, said Jose Luis Palacios, chief executive officer of Virtue. “Seeing is believing, especially in such a crowded category when consumers are receiving so much messaging,” he said. “We’ll be amplifying the before-and-afters through our distribution as well, and on social media campaigns, and with our partner Jennifer Garner and creative director Adir Abergel.”

Virtue’s serum launch follows other major hair-health product successes from Olaplex and K18, which both feature proprietary technologies.

The ingredient that powers Virtue’s launch, Palacios said, is “bioidentical to our hair; it mimics the natural structure of the human hair and that allows it to mend the damage beyond traditional keratin therapies.”

Hair care is a growing category within beauty. Prestige hair care grew 14 percent in the U.S. in 2023, according to Circana. Industry sources expect Virtue will reach between $70 million and $80 million in sales this year.

Palacios didn’t comment on the sales estimates, but did say that consumers’ loyalty to the brand gave him confidence. “Ninety-seven percent of our consumers recommend Virtue to their friends. This level of loyalty and trust in the brand speaks for itself,” he said. “Damage Reverse represents a significant milestone for Virtue because it’s built on our foundation of bioscience, it has the highest concentration of Alpha Keratin 60Ku, and will definitely become a fundamental product in our portfolio.”

Palacios is also going wide with the launch, which will start in the U.S., Canada, the EU, Australia and New Zealand before expanding into Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

“We have the direct-to-consumer capabilities to have this one-on-one conversation with our consumers, and we will be leveraging that,” he said. “Our salon ambassadors will be fundamental as well, and we maintain a strong presence in 1,500 in the country. They play a key role in educating the community.”

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