Voice Of Frozen's Teenage Elsa Paid Just £587 By Disney

It seems that not everyone involved in the billion dollar-breaching ‘Frozen’ reaped the rewards, with Spencer Lacey Ganus, the 15-year-old star who voiced a young Elsa, earning a reported $926 for her performance… that’s £587.56.


Despite the profits from Disney’s uber hit, the voice actor, who had several lines for the animated film, was paid under $1000, according to TMZ - that’s a pitiful 0.000077% of the movie’s profits, having grossed over $1.2 billion (£760 million) at the worldwide box office.

Ganus, who has featured in other films such as ‘Ice Age’ and ‘Happy Feet’, isn’t happy, but according to her contract, this lowly sum was all she was entitled to.

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Granted, she didn’t have loads to do, but you would’ve thought Disney being the global brand they are would have offered a little more in terms of monetary reward.

It was only a few months ago that it was revealed the hired CG animation team behind the monster hit who weren’t full employees of Disney didn’t get the bonuses the entire staff did, which caused outrage amongst those who’d be employed on a temporary basis for the movie.

It’s easy for Ganus to complain now, but if ‘Frozen’ has been a monumental failure, there wouldn’t be the same level of concern, I’m sure. Perhaps the best thing for her to do is to… let it go?

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Picture credit: Disney