New voice of Pinocchio was “starstruck” at meeting Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis

The Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, the young British actor behind the new voice of Pinocchio, has revealed he was completely “star struck” when he met his co-stars on the set of Disney’s latest re-make.

Pinocchio is now streaming on Disney+.

Video transcript

FREDA COOPER: There are some really big names in the film, like Tom Hanks and Cynthia Erivo, and of course, you've got the director Robert Zemeckis as well. Now, of course, with voice acting, you spend a lot of time in the booth. So did you actually get to meet any of them?

BENJAMIN EVAN AINSWORTH: Yeah, it was really cool. So we spent a lot of time in the booth at the beginning, but we also got to go to set, and we got to be part of the live action process.


BENJAMIN EVAN AINSWORTH: So, yeah, I was behind the cameras feeding in my lines to all the actors on the set. So I got to meet most of the live action actors. And, yeah, it was really cool. And it was like more of like a step back to see how it all works rather than just being on camera. So I got to see how CGI, live action, and visual effects and special effects will come together.

FREDA COOPER: How starstruck were you when you met them?

BENJAMIN EVAN AINSWORTH: It was like so crazy. Oh, definitely starstruck. Like the first day in the read through, I was sat down in this table, and Tom Hanks came to my left and sat down. And I was like, hello, yeah, pretty much. Robert Zemeckis to my right.

And I remember them just like talking around this table, so many people, about past movies Tom and Robert had worked on together and past Disney movies that they love. And just being part of that and listening to these stories was so cool.

FREDA COOPER: That's fantastic. It's just like being a part of cinema history, really, isn't it?