Car seized after three friends break COVID rules speeding to get takeaway

Jimmy Nsubuga
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A VW Golf was stopped after going over 90mph on the M62. (Polcie)
A VW Golf was stopped after going over 90mph on the M62. (Police)

Police have seized a car from three friends who broke lockdown rules by speeding to get a takeaway.

The VW Golf was stopped when going over 90mph on the M62, police said.

The three friends told police they had travelled from Manchester to West Yorkshire during the snow to purchase fast-food.

But the car’s tax was out of date so it was seized and the driver was also given a speeding ticket.

The trio was found to be from different households so were given fines for breaking COVID restrictions.

The government’s lockdown rules for England ban people from leaving their homes to “meet socially with anyone you do not live with or are not in a support bubble with”.

Police can issue fines starting at £200 for any breaches.

West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit tweeted: “M62:Followed at over 90mph despite the weather. 3 occupants, from 3 different households in GMP on their way to get a take away.

“3 Covid fines issued, one speeding ticket issued and as the car hadn’t been taxed since September last year, it was seized. #WelcometoWestYorkshire”

On Thursday, West Yorkshire Police was forced to deal with another breach when an estimated 200 people took part in a massive snowball fight in Woodhouse Moor (Hyde Park), Leeds.

A video was captured by photographer Liam Ford, who told Yahoo News UK: “Within a large park you do expect to see some people there, but not a mass group of people having a snowball fight. It’s obviously breaking the rules with such a large quantity in a small area.”

He added: “With the current restrictions it’s a bit of an abuse of freedom, given the current climate.”

West Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “We are aware of this matter. All persons dispersed.”

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The two incidents were at odds with the majority of people who are sticking to the rules, with studies showing compliance has improved since December.

According to experts at University College London (UCL), levels of compliance for the regulations ever since the coronavirus pandemic began are high – and improving.

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UCL researchers working on the COVID-19 social study of 70,000 participants found compliance has been on the up, especially as stricter measures have been brought in, with particular improvements since the start of December when news of the new variant became widespread.

Majority compliance with the rules – following them with some bending of the rules – is being reported by 96% of people, which is an improvement since the start of the autumn across all demographic groups.

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