Wahlberg back in the frame for Transformers 4

Despite having quashed rumours about Mark Wahlberg being up for the next 'Transformers' film, it appears that Michael Bay has had a change of heart.

'Internet chatter' put Wahlberg in the frame for the lead role, but Bay was quick to deny the rumours, saying that he while he was working with Wahlberg, it was on another project called 'Pain and Gain' about a pair of bodybuilders who get embroiled in a kidnap plot.

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However, he's now gone on record as having been inspired by the rumours.

“I squashed a rumor that was on the internet last week. It was about Mark Walhberg. Mark was rumored to be staring in Transformers 4,” he wrote on his blog.

“We are working on another movie together, not T4. I had such a great time working with Mark on Pain and Gain, and he gave such a great performance - well let’s say that very internet chatter gave me some ideas.

“We are at the inception of our story process right now on T4. Let’s say some ideas are gaining traction with me and my writer - so I’m here to say thanks internet chatter.”

The new 'Transformers' film is set to have an entirely new cast, not only of human characters, but the robots too, while Bay has said the action will pick up directly after the events of 'Dark of the Moon'.

An announcement of cast members is likely soon, however, as the release date of June 29, 2014 approaches.

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