Wait, Did Frank Ocean Just Make A Cameo In Bad Bunny's Music Video?

Frank Ocean; Bad Bunny
Frank Ocean; Bad Bunny

We all know Frank Ocean as an incredibly elusive celebrity.

But with Bad Bunny releasing a brand-new single, Ocean took the time to film a cameo for the song’s accompanying music video.

Though “Where She Goes” is still primarily sung in Spanish, Bunny is venturing himself into rap in English more and more often. The title of the song being in English is also pretty noteworthy.

In the video, Ocean appears in a scene on the back of a motorcycle with another man, who’s driving it.

Besides Ocean, the music video also features quick appearances from actor/singer Dominic Fike, rapper Lil Uzi Vert, and soccer player Ronaldinho.

It’s unclear whether Bunny wants to put out more music in English, but “Where She Goes” does indicate that he’s more open to the idea than he has been in the past. Nonetheless, spotting Frank Ocean just about anywhere is a really exciting thing for his fans.

Watch Bad Bunny’s full music video of “Where She Goes” below.