WALL-E Gets LEGO Make Over


With LEGO releases such as Ecto-1 (‘Ghostbusters’) and the Delorean (‘Back to the Future’), the latest film-related piece to get the seal of approval is Pixar’s ‘WALL-E’.

LEGO Ideas is a site whereby anyone can submit an idea for a new kit to be officially licensed by LEGO themselves. If it reaches 10,000 votes, then it enters into a shortlist that the bods at LEGO evaluate and ultimate commission one to be mass produced and sold to the public.

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Competition this time around was stiff, with some spectacular submissions that included Assault on Wayne Manor, which was an impressive recreation of the billionaire’s home and Batcave; X-Mansion from the ‘X-Men’ franchise, which, again, was a hugely detailed set; the AT-AT from ‘Star Wars; and the ‘Ghostbusters’ HQ (presumably to match the released vehicle from last year).


But it was ‘WALL-E’ that emerged the victor, having been created by Angus MacLane, a current member of the Pixar team who worked on the 2008 movie itself. He also directed ‘BURN-E’, the short that accompanied ‘WALL-E’ for the home release, as well as ‘Toy Story of Terror’ and is co-helming ‘Finding Dory’.

You can see the official announcement here, as well as take a peak at the other entries.


2015 is looking rosy for the animation studio with the release of this cool-looking LEGO set, but will take the limelight for most of 2015 when they release not one, but two feature films in a single year for the first time. ‘Inside Out’ will be with us this summer, while ‘The Good Dinosaur’ will hit cinemas towards Christmas.

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Picture credits: Pixar, LEGO Ideas

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