Walmart Employee Helps Elderly Blind Customer With His Shopping — and Her Act of Kindness Goes Viral

Woman’s Facebook post about a heartwarming act of kindness goes viral. (Photo: Facebook/Meghann Shaw)

Meghann Shaw went to her local Walmart to get a simple prescription refill but left with a lesson in kindness and compassion. While she was there running her errands on Sunday, Shaw witnessed a Walmart employee helping an elderly blind man navigate the megastore. Shaw took a photo and shared it to her Facebook page, and her post quickly racked up more than 20,000 likes and nearly 7,000 shares.

“No one will ever be able to feel the happiness that overcame me when I saw this,” Shaw tells Yahoo Style.

The single mother of one captioned the photo, “With all the hate in the world she gave love. Without the man seeing her, she showed him pure compassion and love.”

The employee that Shaw photographed is Brittany Walton, who has been working at the Biloxi, Miss., Walmart since 2014. Walton is a customer service associate, and when she was alerted that there was a blind man at the store’s entrance, she tells Yahoo Style, she knew in her heart that she had to be the one to help.

Brittany Walton went above and beyond to help a customer at Walmart, her place of employment. (Photo: Brittany Walton)

Walton tells Yahoo Style, “I didn’t wait for a manager to tell me what to do; I rushed to help him because it was the right thing to do.”

Walton and Mr. Roy, as she calls the elderly blind man, then proceeded to spend over two hours shopping together. He shared with her that he was new in town and was looking to buy a mug to give to a lady he was crushing on, who is also visually impaired.

“He was the sweetest man; he really opened up to me and I just listened,” she says, holding back the tears. “Sometimes what people need is someone to listen because they feel alone.”

The 31-year-old mother of three says the day helped her as much as it helped Mr. Roy. “I told him I was going to show him love and compassion,” she says. “He showed me that too.”

Brittany Walton and her children. (Photo: Brittany Walton)

Mr. Roy told Walton that he had lost his vision at the age of 26 due to a car accident. He opened up to her, saying that his “dying wish [was] to be able to see again and to find love.”

While Walton couldn’t help Mr. Roy with his dying wish, she was able to help him find his way through his grocery list. And who knows, maybe the mug he bought for his crush went over really well.

“I show love and compassion; it’s in my heart. I felt he needed help, and I just did it,” Walton says.

The Internet is now celebrating Walton and her act of kindness.

Walton’s next step is heading back to school to become a nurse. “Helping people and serving others is what makes me happy — it’s all about compassion and love,” she says.

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