WandaVision theory: Is Scarlet Witch why X-Men are yet to be in MCU?

Jacob Stolworthy
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 (Marvel Studios / Rex Features)
(Marvel Studios / Rex Features)

A WandaVision theory suggests the show could be neatly retconning the absence of the X-Men from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was revealed in 2019 that the mutants would finally be joining the MCU, but it left many wondering where they have been so far.

A few leaks threw forth a number of theories, but after WandaVision’s first two episodes debuted on Friday (15 January), fans believe the show will provide the best answer yet.

Firstly, the first two episodes referenced one of its chief comic book inspirations – a storyline titled House of M that provides all the clues you need about what is going on in the series.

At one stage, a wine bottle label reading“Maison du Mépris”, which translates as “House of Misery”, can be seen.

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This storyline sees Scarlet Witch alter the fabric of reality after suffering a mental breakdown due to losing the children she has with Vision. The children, who were conceived using magic, are taken from Wanda by a villain named Mephisto; it turns out their souls were fragments of his.

Wanda then has her memory wiped so she has no idea she even had children – that is until years later, when she finds out and goes on a rampage, creating her own world in order to bring them back.

This leads us on to the second reference, which arrived in the closing moments of episode two.

After seeing a mysterious beekeeper emerge from a pothole in the road, she says, “No”, and rewinds the moment. Many believe this to be a direct nod to a line from the comics in which she says “No more mutants” – and wipes out the entirety of the X-Men from existence.

‘No’: Episode two of ‘WandaVision’ directly references comic book inspirationMarvel Studios
‘No’: Episode two of ‘WandaVision’ directly references comic book inspirationMarvel Studios

Ahead of the show, Twitter user @casperOne wrote: “Now that rights for X-Men/mutants aren't an issue, what if WandaVision, in exploring Wanda's emotional state (as previews hint) ends off with the revelation that she was the reason they don't exist to now?”

This theory is being re-shared now it has more weight following the series’s first two episodes. Perhaps Wanda has been the one preventing them from appearing to date? Another theory suggests the line could be altered so that she says “More mutants” – however, this isn’t in keeping with her comic book storyline.

The fact remains: the X-Men are on their way. Considering WandaVision will be officially lining up the arrival of the Multiverse – a series of alternate worlds featuring old characters both dead and alive – it’s no stretch to assume this will how they will be finally introduced to the MCU.

Meanwhile, the opening credits alone tease the arrival of what could be the MCU’s most terrifying villain yet.

WandaVision continues Fridays on Disney+.

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