I want to make more movies, says Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow would love to make more movies credit:Bang Showbiz
Jack Harlow would love to make more movies credit:Bang Showbiz

Jack Harlow is on the lookout for acting jobs.

The 25-year-old rap star is making his acting debut in the 'White Men Can't Jump' remake, and Jack admits he'd love to make more films in the future.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It felt good! It makes me hungry, I want more. I want to keep going, you know?"

Jack has caught the acting bug and he wants to continue to test himself.

The 'Whats Poppin' hitmaker shared: "It's just a taste, and it was great, but I'm excited to keep moving."

Despite this, Jack also remains committed to his music career.

The rap star feels particularly proud of his new album, 'Jackman', which has been well-received by fans and critics.

He said: "It feels good, you know? It feels good 'cause I didn't do it with charts in mind. I just did it from the heart and mind, you know?"

Meanwhile, Jack previously admitted to being conscious of outside criticism.

The rap star has enjoyed significant success during his career, but he's aware that everything he says and does is under scrutiny.

He told Teen Vogue: "Everything you say is really liable to affect your career in a crazy way. That’s just the nature of where we’re at. But it’s also dependent on your integrity, which is something I feel I have a lot of."

Jack also believes that criticism can be a healthy thing.

He shared: "It teaches you not to put too much stock in either because the world is finicky. But I’m proud to say my confidence and my thoughts on my trajectory haven’t been shaken. A lot of it has been a big surprise to me, after I caught wind of some of it."