All the Warframe news out of TennoCon 2023, like about that guy that lives in your wall


Warframe's big TennoCon event for the year has come, and the announcement of new expansions, skins, frames, and more are rolling in hot and fresh. That includes a new story arc, Whispers in the Walls, a new frame in the Abyss of Dagath update, and some kind of wild prequel event in Warframe: 1999.

Coming this Winter, the Whispers in the Walls story-driven cinematic quest will put players in the deadly battle between brilliant Origin System scientist Albrecht Entrati and the hinted at, but never quite shown in its true form, Man in the Wall. The release will include an all-new secondary weapon class, the Grimoire, as well as an entirely new faction called the Murmur created by the Man in the Wall. The Necramech enemy faction will also get reworked and expanded for this release.

Among other things announced were universal cross-save across all platforms, a mobile version of Warframe on iOS in 2024, and new signature "Heirloom" skins for Mag and Frost. The Dog Days event will also return effective immediately, so you can absurdly shoot at space baddies with a squirt gun, and lasts until September 13 at 10 am ET. There are also a couple free things on offer right now, an Umbra Forma for your frame-tweaking pleasure, as well as the 10th anniversary Dex skins.

The new frame coming this October is Dagath, in the Abyss of Dagath update, whose "haunting" theme includes a brand new Blade and Whip Weapon type. There'll also be a rework for frame Hydroid and an overhaul to how you acquire the Focus resource. Of course, we all know the most important thing revealed is that funniest warframe and big hungry boy Grendel is getting a Prime Warframe version. He'll be just as big and hungry as ever, and accompanied by Prime Weapons Zylok and Masseter.

And coming some time in 2024 will be Warframe 1999, which no joke looks like it might be a throwback episode involving primitive prototype Warframes and time travel set in 1999. "Long before The Old War, the deeds of Albrecht Entrati have cast an ominous, lingering shadow over the Origin System. Who is he? What is his story? Learn more of his secrets in Warframe: 1999," says Digital Extremes. Skip to 21:30 in the video above for that trailer. There are a significant number of CRT screens involved.