'There Wasn’t a Dry Eye in Sight': English Police Pay Tribute to Councillor Who Died From COVID-19

Police officers in Northern England briefly stopped their work at 8 pm on April 2 to pay tribute to a community leader who recently died after contracting COVID-19.

At 8 pm on Thursday, April 2, the UK staged its second #ClapForCarers national applause event.

Sharing footage on Twitter, Northumbria Police revealed its Sunderland officers had paid tribute to former Fulwell councillor Margaret Beck, who died on March 27, a week after she contracted COVID-19.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in sight,” the police force wrote on Twitter.

Police community support officer Alison Ross, a friend of Beck’s family, said: “It’s been really difficult for us to come to terms with this. While this is about showing our support to the NHS and those looking after us during this unprecedented time, I wanted to make sure Margaret’s family and the community could pay their respects to a wonderful woman.” Credit: Northumbria Police via Storyful