Watch: Shirtless Tom Hiddleston auditions as Thor

Tom Butler
Yahoo UK Movies News29 January 2014

A couple of days back, the internet exploded at the sight of Tom Hiddleston wearing the Captain America suit in a clip from the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ DVD.

We can only imagine how people will cope when they see the video that we have above. Internet, gird your servers.

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That’s because it features Tom Hiddleston wielding Mjolnir, bare-chested and bewigged, auditioning for the role of Thor which eventually went to Chris Hemsworth.

The previously unseen screen-test has the actor dressed up as the Thunder God (pre-costume) while Marvel were casting for the first ‘Thor’ film, and boy does he looked ripped.

He makes for an impressive Thor, but we’re glad the casting directors passed him over, giving him another shot auditioning for Loki.

It’s hard to imagine Hiddleston as Thor now after the actor has become indelibly linked with the role of Loki, so we’re glad he missed out to Aussie Hemsworth.

Just think, we may never have got Hiddleston’s delectable take on Thor’s mischievous half-brother, which he’s now played over the course of three Marvel-produced films.

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‘Thor: The Dark World’, which will also feature the return of Mandarin in the one-shot ‘All The Hail The King’, is coming to 3D/2D Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on February 24.

Watch Tom in the Captain America suit below...

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