WATCH AND TELL: Are these snakes fighting or mating?

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WATCH AND TELL: Are these snakes fighting or mating?

A terrifying video of two rat snakes seemingly engaged in a fierce battle has been doing the rounds on social media and has also divided opinion on the Internet. The video was originally shared by an Indian Forest Service (IFS) on his twitter account.

The clip shows the two rat snakes entwined in what appears to be a territorial battle.

The IFS officer mentions in his post that the snakes were fighting to establish their territory and to defend their mate: "Rat snakes combat for dominance. Two male fighting to define their territory & defend their mate."

But some Internet users were quick to point out that the snakes appeared to be mating and not fighting, as is common during the rainy season. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for poll)

What do you think the snakes were doing? Take our poll below and tell us:


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