How to watch college football on Peacock

 Penn State's Malik McClain.
Penn State's Malik McClain.

Peacock has quietly been one of the better streaming services for live sports for a while, and it is ramping things up with even more college football on Peacock in 2023 than ever before. In addition to Notre Dame football, a long-time NBC feature and as a result available to stream in recent years, Peacock is adding a number of marquee games from the Big Ten conference to its live streaming schedule.

The lineup of sports on Peacock already includes the NFL on Peacock, the PGA Tour, the Premier League, track & field, weekly MLB games and, every two years, the Olympics. But college football has a passionate fanbase like few other sports, so it's key for fans of Notre Dame and the Big Ten to have all the insights into where they can watch their games.

To fill that need, we've put together everything you need to know about how to watch college football on Peacock and what college football games you're going to get on Peacock throughout the 2023 college football season.

How to watch college football on Peacock

The good news is that Peacock offers the ability to stream live sports on both of its subscription plans — the $5.99 per month ($59.99 per year) Peacock Premium and the $11.99 per month ($119.99 per year) Peacock Premium Plus. The only difference, aside from price, for between the two services is that Peacock Premium is ad-supported when watching other content; there is no restriction for what sports you can watch with either subscription.

The great news, at least for college students, is that there is a deal to get Peacock Premium for just $1.99 per month for 12 months for a limited time. You must have a verifiable student ID to access this deal.

Once you are signed up, watching college football on Peacock is easy. When using Peacock, if the game you want to watch isn't immediately visible on the main page, you can click on the sports icon in the sidebar to take you to the dedicated sports page where you can access the live stream.

College football games on Peacock

Here is the full schedule of college football games that Peacock is going to live stream for the 2023 college football season. Games in bold are going to be available to watch exclusively on Peacock.

Friday, November 24 

  • Penn State vs Michigan State, 7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PT

More games are expected to be announced throughout the season.