Watch: Fake Jim Carrey Hoaxes Czech Awards Show

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In a farcical scene that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood comedy, a man claiming to be Jim Carrey faked his way on stage during the Czech Oscars to present an award - and amazingly - the whole thing was broadcast live on TV before the show’s producers realised they’d been conned.

Watch the incredible moment from the Česky Lev (Czech Lion) awards in Prague above.

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The hoaxer - who looks nothing like the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ star - has been identified by newspaper Blesk Prague as Hari Zinhasovic. He apparently contacted the event claiming to be Carrey’s agent offering his client’s services to the awards.

"Jim Carrey" was then duly booked to present an award and turned up complete with bodyguards and an interpreter before being announced and ushered on stage. There, he waved awkwardly at the crowd before firing off a confetti cannon. He then promptly exited the stage to the bemusement of the people watching.

Host Lucie Vyborna remained unaware of their error telling Blesk Prague: “Of course the real Jim Carrey was on the stage. I knew that he would come but I did not know what he would do there.”

The organisers soon realised their mistake when thousands of moviegoers starting pointing out the glaring mistake on social networks. The CFTA eventually issued a statement by film director Jan Sverak admitting: “We were the victims of an elaborate hoax.”

“I am very sorry, I apologise. It was not my intention, but I must salute someone’s perfect game in managing to con us.”

The real Jim Carrey responded on Twitter saying “MY SPIRIT WILL NOT BE IGNORED!”.

It’s thought Zinhasovic demanded payment of 25,000 CZK (around £670) for his appearance but it was rejected by the organisers.

A spokesperson for the Czech Lion Awards confirmed: “Nothing indicated it was a ruse and we did not pay any money to the false actor.”

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Image credits: Twitter/SNAP.PA