Watch Dwayne Johnson accept 'Baywatch' Razzie with good-natured Twitter speech

Guillermo Del Toro was the big winner at last night’s Oscars, as he took home the Best Director prize, and his film The Shape of Water was crowned Best Picture. However, the Oscars weren’t the only awards game in Hollywood this weekend: The Razzies were also handed out to the supposedly worst movies and performances of 2017 — a dubious collection of duds led by Worst Picture selection The Emoji Movie. And Sunday afternoon, Dwayne Johnson made sure to thank the group for recognizing his own Baywatch as one of the year’s true stinkers.

In a Twitter video posted shortly before the start of the 90th Academy Awards, Johnson laughingly embraces the decision by the Razzies to honor Baywatch — and, in fact, to go out of their way to do so, by creating the brand-new category “Special Rotten Tomatoes Award: The Razzie Nominee So Bad You Loved It!” The implication that people hated the adapted-from-TV action-comedy so much that they actually came all the way back around to embracing it was a notion that greatly amused Johnson, who could only chuckle while admitting that the film, unfortunately, didn’t work with either critics or audiences. Nonetheless, he sincerely showed his gratitude by saying, “I humbly and graciously accept my Razzie. And I thank you critics, I thank you fans, and look, at the end of the day, movies so rotten you eventually fell in love with it — that’s just the way love goes.”

Will Johnson ever get to the Oscar podium, or is he more likely to earn another Razzie — perhaps for April’s monster-mash Rampage? — before the Academy fetes him with a golden statuette? Let us know in the comments below.

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