Watch: How Disney Re-Used Old Animation In Its Movies


It’s not exactly breaking news, as it’s long been known that Disney often reused animation frames in multiple movies, but a new video has emerged online showing when and where they did it in astonishing detail.

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In movies including ‘Sleeping Beauty’, 'Snow White’, 'Robin Hood’ and 'The Aristocats’, the cells would be completely reworked for other films, layering new characters over old action.

Thanks to Movie Munchies can now see just how similar – or exactly the same, more like – Little John from 'Robin Hood’ was to Baloo the bear from 'The Jungle Book’.

They’re not only basically the same character in both movies, but they even do the same movements in many of the dance sequences (but then they were also both voiced by Phil Harris, a Disney voice acting veteran).

Then there are the dancing sequences from 'Sleeping Beauty’ in 1959 replicated for 'Beauty and the Beast’ in 1991.

And Maid Marion from 'Robin Hood’ is pretty much whipped straight from 'Snow White’, just with a fox instead of a lady.

One can hardly blame them, when animation is known to be such a legendarily time-consuming process, even with today’s advancements in technology.

But something inside us still feels just the tiniest bit cheated….

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