How to watch Kelce: where to watch the documentary

 Jason Kelce in Kelce.
Jason Kelce in Kelce.

Whether you're a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles or not, you likely have heard about Jason Kelce, their All-Pro center with a big personality; so big that people actually know who an NFL team's center is. Well, you can get to know Jason Kelce a little bit more as he is the subject of the all new sports documentary Kelce.

Originally slated to be about an NFL player as he prepares to adjust to life after football, Kelce turned into something else as the 2022 NFL season unfolded. Jason Kelce, a 12-year veteran, was part of an Eagles team that started off 8-0, saw him continue to play at an elite level and then face off against his brother, Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce, in the Super Bowl. All the while, the documentary also tracked Kelce's life off screen with his family and how he is expanding his presence, including with a podcast with Travis.

The documentary released in September 2023 and quickly became a hit. However, if you haven't watched it yet or you find yourself want to rewatch the documentary following the news that Kelce is retiring after 13 years in the NFL, here is everything you need to know.

How to watch Kelce

Kelce is a Prime Video original movie, meaning it is streaming exclusively on Prime Video and to watch it you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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Check out what to expect from the Kelce documentary with the trailer below.