Watch: Second alligator spotted in Pennsylvania river

Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Authorities in Pennsylvania are investigating a reported alligator sighting in the same river where another gator was captured weeks earlier.

A group of kayakers said they were about a mile north of the Roaring Run boat ramp in the Kiski River when they spotted the gator on Sunday.

"We got excited and paddled around to get better pictures of it," kayaker Joshua Kelley told TribLive. "We were kayaking and saw an animal and thought it was a muskrat, but realized it was an alligator."

Kelley snapped some photos of the alligator before contacting Kiski Township Police Chief Lee Bartolicius.

Police said anyone who spots the alligator should call 911 and not attempt to capture it themselves.

An alligator was previously captured in the Kiski River after a weeklong search in early August.