Watch: Stranger dives into New Hampshire lake to find woman's lost phone

Aug. 22 (UPI) -- A woman dropped her phone into a New Hampshire lake and the device was rescued from 15 feet of water by a volunteer diver from a nearby boat.

The Sunapee Police Department said in a Facebook post that Dianne Bonfiglio accidentally dropped her cellphone into the lake in the dock area during the weekend.

The department said a young man named Simon was on a pontoon boat with friends nearby and offered to take a dive into the lake to look for the lost phone.

Simon donned a pair of goggled donated by a worker at the nearby Harborside Trading and was able to retrieve the phone on his first dive.

"There was a crowd of onlookers that all cheered when he found it and when Dianne realized the phone still worked," the post said.

Police dubbed the phone's rescuer "Saint Simon" for his efforts.