Watch: Swedish man eats 13.85 ounces of fermented fish in one minute

Aug. 23 (UPI) -- A Swedish man participating in a contest organized by the Disgusting Food Museum ate 13.85 ounces of fermented fish in one minute, earning him a Guinness World Record.

The Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö organized a speed eating competition for surströmming, a traditional Swedish delicacy consisting of fermented herring that has been salted just enough to prevent it from rotting.

The smelly fish is famous for causing vomiting from the smell alone, the museum said.

"The biggest part of the challenge will be to not vomit during the attempt, over actually eating a large amount in a short time," a museum representative told Guinness World Records.

Vomit buckets were placed nearby during the contest, which was won by Swedish man Sune Valentin Norlin, 71, who managed to eat 13.85 ounces and keep it down.

Norlin detailed his eating strategy to the Sydsvenskan newspaper: "You've just got to swallow it."

Norlin's victory earned him the Guinness World Record for most fermented herring eaten in one minute.

The museum spokesperson hailed Norlin for having "astonishing focus, an ironclad stomach, and a tenacious spirit."

"Sune has cemented his place among the legends here at the museum for this awe-inspiring accomplishment. His name will be etched in our halls and stories of his determination retold for years," the representative said.