Watchmen Star Joins The Flash Solo Movie


With ‘The Flash’ still a couple of years away the casting is gradually beginning to take shape. We’ve already got Ezra Miller firmly on board as The Flash himself, but now his on-screen father’s been cast.

Billy Crudup - yes, the guy who played Dr. Manhattan in ‘Watchmen’ - will play the pops of hero Barry Allen (aka The Flash), according to Variety.

It reunites Crudup with the DC cinematic world after starring as one of the main characters in the Zack Snyder-directed ‘Watchmen’ back in 2009. And while Warner Bros. have not yet officially commented on the casting, Variety’s source says it’s all in place.

So far there’s not even a whiff of a plot for Rick Famuyiwa’s DC movie. The only thing we’ve seen thus far is the brief snippets we had in both ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Suicide Squad’, which likely won’t correlate to what we will see in the solo outing.


The Flash character will also feature in ‘Justice League’ which comes out a year earlier than this, so by the time we see Miller doing his own thing we will have already seen the start of the Justice League’s creation.

While some fans will welcome the addition of Crudup, whose filmography includes ‘Mission Impossible III’ and most recently having just finished on ‘Alien: Covenant’, others won’t be as keen to see the actor who played Dr. Manhattan return, albeit less fluorescent and this time wearing pants (we hope).

‘Justice League’ is in UK cinemas from 17 November, 2017; with ‘The Flash’ out here in early 2018.

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Picture credit: Warner Bros.