The Water Brand You Might Not Have Known Starbucks Owns

Ethos water bottles at Starbucks
Ethos water bottles at Starbucks - Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Starbucks, the global coffee giant known for its signature brews, cozy ambiance, and iconic green siren logo, has ventured beyond the world of coffee to establish itself as a diversified beverage company, quietly expanding its portfolio to another venture -- bottled water. Yes, Starbucks owns a water brand, and it's making waves not just in the checkout line but in the humanitarian space as well.

Starbucks acquired Ethos Water in 2005 with a mission beyond simply quenching your thirst. Ethos Water was founded on the principle of bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in need around the world. The brand is deeply committed to social responsibility, with a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold going toward water, sanitation, and hygiene programs in underserved communities. Ethos Water is available in over 20,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, and the company has won numerous awards for its social mission and environmental sustainability, including the Good Food Award and the Environmental Leader Award.

Through its partnership with non-profit organizations like, Ethos has also helped fund projects that provide access to clean water and improved sanitation facilities in developing countries. These initiatives significantly impact people's lives, reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases and improving overall well-being.

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A Bottled Water With A Social Mission

exterior Starbucks restaurant
exterior Starbucks restaurant - Kollawat Somsri/Shutterstock

Since its inception, Ethos Water has donated over $12 million to the Starbucks Foundation, the funds from which have helped to provide clean water to over a million people in need. The brand has also helped build schools, latrines, and water treatment facilities in communities where its coffee-growing takes place. Ethos Water also participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which helps companies measure and reduce their environmental impacts. Keeping itself in mind as well for sustainability, the brand uses recycled materials in its bottles and packaging.

While Ethos Water may not be as well-known as other bottled water brands, it has gained recognition partly thanks to Starbucks' vast global network of stores. With this availability, consumers who want to make a positive impact with their beverage choices can purchase directly from the store. Ethos Water stands as a testament to the power of a brand to effect positive change, using its reach to address global challenges related to clean water access.  So, the next time you grab a bottle of Ethos Water at Starbucks, you can feel good knowing that your purchase will hydrate not just yourself but also communities in developing nations.

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