‘What a way to ruin a film’: Viewers furious as Netflix accidentally reveals ending of The Truman Show

Ellie Harrison
·1-min read
The Truman Show: Sky
The Truman Show: Sky

Viewers are not happy after Netflix accidentally revealed the ending of The Truman Show.

The streaming giant shared a clip of the 1998 classic’s final scene on Facebook, to celebrate the film arriving on its platform.

What the company might not have realised, however, is that the clip – starring Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank – started to play automatically on Facebook, and therefore spoiled the ending for many viewers.

Netflix captioned the video with: “Yes, this is the final scene. No, you shouldn’t watch it if you haven’t seen the film yet. But the final moments of The Truman Show are truly perfect. Now streaming in the UK/IE.”

Facebook users fumed over the blunder in the comments below.

‘What a way to ruin a new film on your service,’ one person said.

Another added: “Stop showing the frickin endings ffs! I’ve seen this film but that doesn’t mean everyone has!”

“Absolutely ridiculous to show the final scene of the film,” wrote a third. “You’ve just ruined the movie for all the younger generations who have never seen it.”

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