Wayne Couzens ‘to appeal his sentence’ for murdering Sarah Everard

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Wayne Couzens has reportedly lodged an appeal against his whole life-term sentence for the murder of Sarah Everard.

The disgraced Met police officer, 48, snatched the marketing executive, 33, from the streets of London when he staged a fake arrest using Covid laws to handcuff her and get her into his car.

He then drove her to a remote location in Kent where he raped and murdered her before burning her body and dumping her remains in a woodland pond.

Now Couzens has launched an appeal, according to reports.

A court official told The Mirror on Tuesday: “We have been notified that an appeal has been lodged by Mr Couzens.”

The Court of Appeal Criminal Division would hear the case if permission is granted.

It comes after Couzens was handed the maximum possible sentence for his crime.

Ms Everard’s mum Susan said she was “haunted by the horror” of her daughter’s murder (Sarah Everard pictured) (PA Media)
Ms Everard’s mum Susan said she was “haunted by the horror” of her daughter’s murder (Sarah Everard pictured) (PA Media)

Lord Justice Fulford said Ms Everard’s final hours were “as bleak and as agonising as it is possible to imagine”.

“Sarah Everard was a wholly blameless victim of a grotesquely executed series of offences that culminated in her death and the disposal of her body,” he said.

“She was simply walking home in the mid-evening, having visited a friend during the Covid pandemic.

“She was an intelligent, resourceful, talented, and much-loved young woman, still in the early years of her life. I have not the slightest doubt the defendant used his position as a police officer to coerce her in a wholly false pretext into the car he had hired for this very purpose.”

In a victim impact statement, Ms Everard’s mum Susan said she was “haunted by the horror” of her daughter’s murder.

She told the court every night she lets out a silent scream: “Don’t get in the car Sarah, don’t believe him, run.”

Ms Everard’s mum told the court on Wednesday: “In the morning I wake up to the awful reality that Sarah is gone. In the evenings, at the time she was abducted, I let out a silent scream: Don’t get in the car, Sarah. Don’t believe him. Run!

“I am repulsed by the thought of Wayne Couzens and what he did to Sarah. I am outraged that he masqueraded as a policeman in order to get what he wanted. Sarah wanted to get married and have children, now all that has gone. He took her life and stole her future and we will never have the joy of sharing that future with her.

“Each day dawns and I think, Sarah should be here, leading her life and embracing new experiences. She had so many years ahead of her.”

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