Waypoint and Neon Ink Producing, Financing Deal

In a new partnership, Waypoint Entertainment — Ken Kao’s shingle behind The Favourite — will co-finance and produce a slate of films with producer-distributor Neon.

Described as a “strategic financial partnership,” the pact is non-exclusive. No new projects were announced as a part of the new partnership, but Kao said in a statement that the films will be in the $10-million-plus range that “often get overlooked by studios and streamers.”

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Kao’s statement continued: “This collaboration echoes our mutual ethos of championing films with innovative storytelling and ensuring they resonate deeply with hungry audiences.”

Neon recently launched an international sales division, and will be handling global distribution on the Waypoint titles.

“Ken Kao and the Waypoint team have long demonstrated their commitment and unique ability to create bold, beautiful cinema,” offered Neon Founder and CEO Tom Quinn. “We’re beyond thrilled to join forces and continue to ramp up Neon’s production of films from the most revelatory, groundbreaking auteurs around the globe.”

The companies recently worked together on Cuckoo, starring Hunter Schafer and Dan Stevens, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and also screened at SXSW. “At its best, the movie is kind of like The Stepford Wives meets Rosemary’s Baby, with side orders of Cronenberg, J-Horror and Lynch,” reads The Hollywood Reporter review of the film. “In Schafer and Stevens, it has two fiercely compelling adversaries. It’s ultimately too silly to be truly chilling, but with Neon behind it, Cuckoo might just be cuckoo enough to draw some cult attention.”

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