Webb teases new Spider-man suit?

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

Spider-man director Marc Webb has teased another picture from his forthcoming 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2', hinting at a new suit design for the friendly, neighbourhood web-slinger.

In a short video linked from his Twitter account – with the hashtag 'thebettertoseeyouwith' – Webb shows that Spidey's new eyes have changed shape from the first outing.

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But with the eye most definitely black, it's sparked rumours that it may not be Spider-Man at all, but his alien 'symbiote' enemy Venom.

Some have dismissed such talk, however, with two villains – Jamie Foxx as Electro and potentially Paul Giamatti as Rhino – already set to feature.

Webb is tweeting pictures from each day of the production, most of which have been shots of the equipment, props and crew on the picture.

He's already dropped pictures of some unspecified Oscorp apparatus, and also suggested that he's using film rather than digital, unusual for what will be an special effects-laden film.

Andrew Garfield is reprising his role as Spider-Man, with Emma Stone once again playing Gwen Stacey, and a potential love triangle emerging with Shailene Woodley joining the cast as Mary-Jane.

Also on board is Dane DeHaan as Peter Parker's oldest friend Harry Osborn, while Colm Feore and Sally Field also star.

It's due out on May 2, 2014.