Week 11's top games: Tom Brady has a long memory and it's Lamar vs. Deshaun

Week 11's top games: Tom Brady has a long memory and it's Lamar vs. Deshaun

Yahoo Sports NFL senior writers Kimberley A. Martin, Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor select games this week that will leave us buzzing heading into Monday.

Martin’s must-watch
New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles

The defending Super Bowl champions are coming off their one and only loss of the season and spent their bye week preparing for a rematch of Super Bowl LII. Despite having six rings, Tom Brady still carries the “scar tissue” from that loss to the Eagles. In other words, it could be a very long afternoon for Philly.

But the “disrespected” Eagles (according to team captain Malcolm Jenkins) are out to prove they’re just as resilient as the upstart 2017 squad that shocked the world en route to a Super Bowl run that became the stuff of “Dreams and (Patriots’) Nightmares.”

Both teams are configured much differently now, and unfortunately for Doug Pederson, the Eagles desperately need some offensive playmaking from the receiver position. Philly, who also is coming off of a bye week, finally has a healthy crop of corners (which should, in theory, help eliminate some of the explosive plays it has allowed lately).

Meanwhile, the Patriots have been steamrolling teams (minus the Baltimore Ravens). But Brady and the offense are currently being carried by its dominating defense.

Robinson’s must-watch
Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens

No need to overthink it this week, with two of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL on the same field.

If the Ravens’ Lamar Jackson is already squarely in the MVP conversation, a win and big showing by Deshaun Watson in this one could elevate him right into the thick of the race as well.

Regardless, these are two teams that could be seeing each other again in the postseason, creating more than enough implications to make this the game of the week.

Paylor’s must-watch
Texans at Ravens

The revolution is here, and it WILL be televised.

Texans-Ravens features a showdown between two of the league’s best young quarterbacks in Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson, players who are as fun to watch as they are effective on the field.

The challenge for both defenses will be stopping the second-reaction magic of both players, and the chances are the defense that does the best job of limiting the quarterback’s creativity will get the win.

These teams are in different divisions, but this one matters since it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them meet in the playoffs.

Expect the appropriate intensity.

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