Obese IT manager loses 15 stone in two years

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

A man has spoken about his 15 stone weight loss journey which saw him transform from obese to slim and muscular in just two years.

Adam Harris, 38, an IT manager from Iowa, US, weighed 30.7 stone in September 2017. He decided to lose weight after undergoing surgery for stenosis, a form of spinal arthritis.

While Harris said his weight did not cause the initial problems, but his surgeon left him with some stern words: “I fixed the frame, now you have to take the snow off the roof.”

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With this in mind, Adam threw himself into his weight loss journey as soon as he left hospital – which involved a combination of the low-carb Keto diet and intermittent fasting.

Of his diet, he said: “It was night after night of man food, barbecued steak and cauliflower. My Keto Calculator got me my macros. It was a bit repetitive to hit the numbers.

Adam Harris before his dramatic weight loss. [Photo: SWNS]

“Typically would not eat before 7 PM. After a while it wasn’t a big push. By January of 2019, I’d already lost 100lbs (7.1 stone).”

Harris’ exercise journey was facilitated by a further spinal operation which allowed him to “cut his pain in half”.

This, combined with CBD oil Adam received from Iowa’s “very limited Cannabis program,” allowed him to start exercising.

Adam Harris before his dramatic weight loss. [Photo: SWNS]

He lost a further 8.2 stone over the next year.

Adam recently suffered an obstacle in his fitness regime after breaking his spinal stimulator recently, which put him in bed “for at least a week”.

He had also lost some “healthy” friendships after his transformation. He explained: “It’s weird when you make a lifestyle change. I lost a lot of friends. I found that some of my friendships were unhealthy. Sometimes being positive will drive negative people away.”

Adam Harris after his incredible weight loss, in 2019. [Photo: SWNS]

However, he has received compliments on his new physique, with someone recently asking him if he was a marine because of the care he took over his body.

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He added that his love life has been improved by the changes: "There's a lot of interest coming in that I didn't expect.”

Adam hopes to inspire others through his fitness journey.

“It's our responsibility to take ourselves where we want to be,” he said. “Holding that mentality has helped tremendously, we are powerful when it is applied.”