Weird Science remake confirmed

Film's original producer Joel Silver is behind the movie, to be written by '21 Jump Street' scribe

Universal Pictures is to remake classic John Hughes comedy 'Weird Science'.

Joel Silver, who produced the original sci-fi comedy back in 1985, is behind the new version, which is reportedly to be an 'R-rated' comedy on a par with the likes of 'The Hangover'.

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Hired to pen the film is Michael Bacall, who wrote the recent reboot of '21 Jump Street' and the screen version of 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World', directed by Edgar Wright.

The original starred Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Gary and Wyatt, a pair of high school geeks who use a computer programme to create their idea of the perfect woman.

Kelly LeBrock played said perfect woman, but soon led them into a world of chaos, culminating in a house party to end all house parties.

Bill Paxton also starred as Wyatt's obnoxious brother Chet, while a young Robert Downey Jr also featured in a small role.

The production follows a seemingly never-ending wave of remakes filing through the Hollywood system.

Among the recently announced projects are reboots of surf-action film 'Point Break' and medical thriller 'Flatliners'.

And as with 'Point Break' in particular, fans of the original film aren't necessarily pleased about the news, taking to Twitter to vent their views...