The Weird Things Actors Do In EVERY Movie


Have you ever noticed how Jason Statham strips to the waist in every movie he makes? You can’t blame him, the Stath looks good with his top off and he knows it.

He’s not the only actor with a predictable trademark though. Mark Strong always wears a wig, Hugh Jackman rarely uses his native accent, and Sylvester Stallone invariably ends up punching someone in every film he’s in.

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However, some actors have unusual acting tics that you probably never noticed… until now.

Warning: Once seen, never unseen.

George Clooney’s head wobble

This one is guaranteed to drive you mad once you notice it. George Clooney loves to wobble his head while he’s talking on screen. Why don’t why, we just know he does it ALL THE TIME. He even did it when he played Batman which is impressive considering the costume.

Tom Cruise running


No-one sprints on film quite like Tom Cruise. You can pretty much guarantee the diminutive actor will break into a full-on gallop at some point in every film he makes. Maybe it’s because he makes a lot of action films, or maybe it’s because the man just looks good in motion.

Brad Pitt eating


Mr Angelina Jolie has a massive oral fixation. Watch any of his movies and you’ll notice him biting his nails, chewing, touching his mouth, or most likely chowing down on some grub. It’s fascinating once you notice it as it happens in nearly every film he makes. He even eats a spider in ‘12 Monkeys’.

Harrison Ford pointing 


If you need some hardcore finger wagging in your film, Harrison Ford’s your man. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Richard Kimble - all of Ford’s most famous characters have brandished a digit in anger on film.

Tom Hanks love to pee


It’s not clear why Tom Hanks seems to pee in every movie he makes. In ‘Forrest Gump’ he tells JFK he needs to pee. In ‘A League of Their Own’ he does the longest wee of all time in front of his team. In ‘Green Mile’, peeing - or the inability to do it without pain - is a character trait. He even gets peed on by a statue in ‘The Money Pit’. Coincidence or in-joke? You decide.

Jack Nicholson’s ‘crazy’ grin


Jack Nicholson is to manic smiles what Tom Cruise is to running. The combination of devilish eyebrows and wide-mouthed grin make him look Satanic when he bursts into laughter, so it’s not surprising that he utilises it in pretty much every one of his films. If you haven’t seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s amazing impression of Jack’s famous smile, rectify that right here.

Keira Knightley’s clenched jaw


The actress once dubbed “Ikea Knightley” by UK film critic Mark Kermode has enjoyed a renaissance of late and was nominated for an Oscar for the second time this year. But, once you notice her habit of talking through clenched teeth, you may never be able to watch another one of her films without being irritated by it.

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