'We're Going To So Many New Places' Cobra Kai's Showrunner Drops Season 6 Reveal That Has Me Even More Hopeful For Spinoffs

 Xolo Maridueña on Cobra Kai.
Xolo Maridueña on Cobra Kai.

As we wait for Cobra Kai Season 6, we're still looking to gather as much info as possible about the final season. Thankfully, the co-showrunners are being about as open as they can about the upcoming episodes, and Jon Hurwitz recently made a comment that has me even more hopeful for spinoffs. Apparently, the characters will go to many places in the upcoming episodes that'll be streaming with a Netflix subscription, and that sounds like good news for the future of the Miyagiverse.

Hurwitz was active on Twitter over the weekend and answering fans' questions on X about Cobra Kai. When one asked about whether or not some of The Karate Kid's most vicious villains, John Kreese and Terry Silver, would return. The co-showrunner didn't necessarily answer the question, but I'm stoked anyway about what he said:

Expanding the Miyagiverse in the final season makes it sound like Cobra Kai is laying the groundwork for potential spinoffs, which has been hinted at in the past. Ralph Macchio spoke to CinemaBlend about the potential spinoff ideas that he had, and I was excited about what he had to say. Could Season 6 set up a story that ultimately sets the stage for a prequel about the story of Mr. Miyagi?

As Cobra Kai Announces Season 6 Is Back To Filming, I Still Have One Major Question About The Final Episodes

Johnny Lawrence on Cobra Kai on Netflix
Johnny Lawrence on Cobra Kai on Netflix

I still worry about this. 

The future of Cobra Kai on Netflix remains unclear in 2024 as we await the next film in The Karate Kid universe. We know that Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan's starring roles will combine the world of the original films and reboot movies, but Cobra Kai's connection is still unknown. Macchio's Daniel LaRusso is in the movie, so there's an argument to be made the movie is connected, but the showrunners clarified the show's connection shortly after its announcement by saying they don't know much about it.

Whether The Karate Kid 6 is tied into Cobra Kai or not, I hope there are stories left open in the finale for Netflix or other streamers to pursue for a spinoff series. This show has been such a delight from start to finish, and let's be honest, it's probably why there's enough interest in the market for another movie to be made.

It would be a shame to see the Miyagiverse fade away after the finale, especially if the movie has nothing to do with the show's events. I've already been disappointed by the fact that Hilary Swank won't be in the final season, I don't want to be further upset by the fact that there are no avenues for the story to continue after the finale.

Cobra Kai's final season is expected to be released in 2024, possibly towards the end of the year rather than the coming months. The series is still available to binge on Netflix, and I would highly recommend doing so ahead of what sounds like an epic final season.