What Connects Star Wars: Episode VII With Batman v Superman?

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What links Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ follow up ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ with JJ Abrams’ forthcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’? They’re not just two of the most-anticipated films currently in production, they’re also the subject of a pretty cool Hollywood love in.

Just this weekend Zack Synder posted a picture on Twitter of a Stormtrooper being arrested by Gotham City PD, next to the Batmobile. The photo came hot on the heels of a rumour which suggested that enterprising criminals had stolen Bats’ ride from the ‘BvS’ set in Detroit.


It was a fun way of defusing the story, but why did Zack rope in a member of the 501st Legion, a worldwide group of Star Wars costume-wearing fans, to make it look like a Stormtrooper was responsible? And why has Bad Robot, JJ Abrams’ production company, been posting reciprocal ‘Batman v Superman’ tribute photos on its Twitter feed?

The answer is quite long-winded, so let’s trace back in time to see where this tit-for-tat love-in between Zack Snyder and ‘Star Wars’ began

Zack Snyder - July 27, 2010


Right back in 2010, Zack Snyder’s very first tweet mentions ‘Star Wars’, more specifically Jedi master Yoda. Big fans of the franchise, Snyder and his daughter clearly are.

Bad Robot - 6 December, 2013


JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot loves posting movie quotes on its Twitter feed, and back in December 2013, they paid tribute to ‘Watchmen’, Snyder’s 2009 comic cook adaptation with this Rorschach quote.

Zack Snyder – 23 July, 2014


This is the post that really started this whole love in. Zack Snyder set the ball rolling back in July tweeting this photo of Henry Cavill, in his Superman costume, under Jedi-like robes, brandishing a lightsaber with the caption “#SuperJedi”. The real reason behind this tribute isn’t as exciting as fan boys may have hoped for. The truth is, the ‘Batman v Superman’ cast wear these Jedi style robes while on set to deter paparazzi from snapping photos of their costumes.

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The cast would joke that they looked like Jedis, and with Zack Snyder being a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan, the temptation to share the joke proved to be irresistible, hence “SuperJedi”. So, no, Superman isn’t going to crop up in ‘Star Wars’, and we’re unlikely to see R2-D2 in ‘Batman v Superman’, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the film-makers threw in a few hidden nods in their respective films for the eagle-eyed Easter egg hunters out there.

Bad Robot - 25 July, 2014


Just two days after “SuperJedi”, JJ Abrams and co went to great lengths to put together this photo of “#BOYEGAMAN”, which features ‘Star Wars 7’ star John Boyega in a Batman mask, cradling a clumsy old blaster.

Zack Snyder - 2 August, 2014


A little over a week later and Zack Snyder responded with this snap of The Dark Knight and Artoo. Snyder’s R2-D2 and Batman photo was actually taken by Clay Enos, the official photographer on ‘BvS’, using toys and an iPhone. Looks pretty convincing to us.


Bad Robot – 8 August, 2014

Then, Bad Robot paid tribute to C-3PO - “THE C3PED CRUSADER” - with this post, which must have taken someone quite a while to put together. He’s fluent in over 6 million forms of communication… including ass-kicking.


Zack Snyder – 13 September, 2014

This latest photo from Snyder is definitely our favourite so far, mainly because it gives us another look at the new Batmobile, but also because it was so lovingly staged. Who brings in a rain machine just for a joke? Zack Snyder. That’s who.


Your move Bad Robot. Your move.

One final thing to add, is that in early 2013 Zack Snyder was linked with a ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie, inspired by ‘Seven Samurai’, but that was denied by both parties.

Could this social media love affair just a long-winded PR campaign for a Snyder spin-off? Here’s hoping.

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Image credit: Twitter/@Bad_Robot/@ZackSnyder

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