What happened to ‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin?

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10 February 2012

He was the most famous child star in the world, but what has Macaulay Culkin, now 31, been up to since his ‘Home Alone’ heyday?

That film and its sequel, ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’, made more than £500 million at the box office, with ‘My Girl’ and ‘Uncle Buck’ also enjoying huge success.

It was when Culkin played a psycho in creepy thriller 'The Good Son’ that things began to go wrong for the actor however.

The film was badly received (though it apparently turned a profit), and ushered in a string of under-performing efforts for Culkin, such as ‘Getting Even With Dad’, ‘The Pagemaster’ and ‘Ritchie Rich’.

The latter was his last film role for six years, with Culkin (temporarily) retiring from acting aged just 14 in 1994.

He famously had to 'divorce' from his parents to gain control of his money. He accused them of mishandling his huge fortune.

Culkin got married in 1998 to Rachel Miner, but they divorced four years later. By this point he was acting again, though roles in the West End play 'Madame Melville' and movies 'Party Monster' and 'Saved!' were a world away from the hits of his heyday.

He’s also had brushes with the law – in 2004 he was arrested for possession of marijuana and briefly jailed – and he made an appearance at Michael Jackson’s trial supporting the late pop star.

His last project was a recurring voice roles in madcap animation ‘Robot  Chicken’.

The latest photo circulating showing Culkin looking worryingly thin (his reps have denied he has health problems) is just the latest twist in his bizarre and fascinating life.

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