What happened to the baby from Ghostbusters II?

Mark Lankester
Baby Oscar was central to Ghostbusters II's story (Credit: Columbia Pictures)

With ‘Ghostbusters’ turning 30 later this year, fans are already getting excited for some bustin-to-feel-good antics in celebration of the impossibly cult 80s caper.

However, 2014 also marks the silver anniversary of spook sequel (spookquel?) ‘Ghostbusters II’ – the one with the Statue of Liberty, slime and the baby – and thus 25 years since we last saw Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore strut their theme-tuned stuff on the big screen.

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What happened to Dana Barrett’s baby Oscar though? For a start, there’s now two of him…

Little on-screen Oscar was actually played by twin boys William T. Deutschenford and Hank J. Deutschendorf II – splitting the lengthy and likely tantrum-inducing production hours between them.

Their early acting experience wasn’t a life-changing one, as ‘Ghostbusters II’ remains their only acting credit. But, the boys are still working together everyday… as martial arts instructors in California. Which is almost as awesome as being a Ghostbuster.

Now 25 years old, Will and Hank own and run the West Coast Martial Arts Academy in San Diego, explaining in their bio that their interest in Karate came from studying at the brilliantly dubbed “’Power Rangers’ university of martial arts.”

Aside from having starred in one of the most memorable exports of the 80s, the twins have another claim to fame too; their uncle was late country music legend John Denver, who released songs like ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’.

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The pair are keen to get back into show business, with Hank commenting last year: “We would love to get into acting if ever we had an opportunity in between being full-time students and business owners.”

Asked by in 2011 if they’d be up for an all grown-up Oscar joining the Ghostbusting team (if Dan Aykroyd ever actually got round to making the third movie) Hank modestly said: “I doubt I could act anyway, though. I wouldn’t want to muck up a movie just ’cause of some stiff acting. Whoever will play Oscar will play him far better then I ever could.”

“A cameo would totally be fair! I think that’d be awesome.”

‘Ghostbusters’ turns 30 on 7 June, and ‘Ghostbusters II’ is 25 on 16 June. You can watch the retro trailer for ‘Ghostbusters II’, starring Will and Hank themselves, below.