What happened to the cast of The Lost Boys?

Steve Charnock
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This week, classic teen vampire flick 'The Lost Boys' reached the big 2-5! To celebrate, we dusted off our denim shirts, broke out the hair spray and investigated what became of the movie's stars... 

Jason Patric

The grandson of New York funnyman Jackie Gleason (yep, really...), Jason Patric maintained a semi-respectable Hollywood career for the decade after ’The Lost Boys’. In the late ‘90s though, starring roles in films like ‘Sleepers’ opposite Robert De Niro and the ‘Speed’ sequel, ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control’ saw the man who played Michael Emerson briefly flirt with super-stardom. Since then, only a great and rather beardy turn in Joe Carnahan’s gritty and under-seen crime thriller ‘Narc’ has been of any real note. One interesting thing about Patric is that he started dating Julia Roberts just days after she called off her wedding to a ‘Lost Boys’ co-star, a certain Kiefer Sutherland...

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Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer’s the one major success story from the movie. He got over the Julia Roberts episode to become one of the ‘90s’ busiest - and most successful actors - starring in 22 movies before the decade was out. He appeared with his Dad Donald in ‘A Time to Kill’, directed the moody and underrated ‘Truth or Consequences, N.M’, as well as popping up in films like ‘Young Guns’ and ‘The Three Muskateers’. He carried the hard work throughout the noughties, appearing in dozens of films as well as the television behemoth that was ‘24’ - the longest-running and most successful spy drama series ever televised. His last film was Lars von Triers’ dark and gloomy ‘Melancholia’. And his next move? Maybe letting us enjoy popcorn with our brutal torture scenes as the ‘24’ movie is said to be ‘in the works’.

Corey Feldman

Corey #1 has kept himself pretty busy these past 25 years. He’s formed a band, testified against Michael Jackson in court, lent his voice to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, appeared in a Katy Perry video, been married on television by MC Hammer, appeared on ‘Dancing on Ice in the UK’, popped up in a documentary about Ron Jeremy and even featured on ‘Celebrity Juice’ with Keith Lemon. He’s not been in many good movies, mind. Actually, barring ‘The ‘Burbs’ in 1989, he’s not been in any good ‘uns.

Corey Haim

The Two Coreys in one movie? It’s an ‘80s dream! And something repeated in the lesser known big screen efforts, ‘License to Drive’ and ‘Dream a Little Dream’. Haim was never short of work, though and made a habit of appearing in, how shall we say, ‘lesser seen’ outings. But it was his personal life that people were destined to remember. He dated Alyssa Milano, a few supermodels, a ‘Baywatch’ actresses and even Victoria Beckham (when she was Victoria Adams, we might add...). He was also blighted with depression, OCD and a drug addiction that would eventually contribute to his sad and early death in 2010 at just 38.

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Jami Gertz

The beautiful half-vampire girlfriend of the leader of The Lost Boys was played by Jami Gretz, an actress that had already made her mark in the 1984 John Hughes coming-of-age classic, ‘Sixteen Candles’. She carried her acting career on, though spent some time as a ‘Perfume Designer’ for Lanvin, one of the world’s most respected fashion houses. When she returned to acting she popped up in 1996’s Summer blockbuster ‘Twister’ and starting paying her bills with TV roles in shows like ‘Seinfield’ and ‘Ally’ McBeal’. She could’ve been Rachel in ‘Friends’, but turned the role down. Sounds to us like you should sack that agent, Jami!

Alex Winter

Marko the blood sucker went on to make his name starring opposite Keanu Reeves in the ‘Bill & Ted’ movies. The bug-eyed blonde then bagged his own MTV sketch show called ‘The Idiot Box’ and a subsequent movie based on the series called ‘Freaked’. He’s spent most of time since ‘The Lost Boys’ directing though. Ads, movies, TV shows, music videos, you name it. Next up? Rumours of the third ‘Bill & Ted’ movie still rumble on. Apparently a script’s just been finalised. We mean finalised, Dude.

Jamison Newlander

When he was cast as Corey Feldman’s character’s brother Alan, the syllable-heavy Jamison Newlander probably thought he’d landed on his feet. But apart from a small part in a terrible remake of Steve McQueen’s 1958 breakout ‘The Blob’, he never really made a mark. He even got his scenes cut out of the straight-to-DVD ‘Lost Boys’ sequel, ‘The Tribe’. He got to stay in the third film, ‘The Thirst’, though. Aside from that, Newlander tasted some success as a theatre director in the mid-’90s. And that’s about it.

So that's The Lost Boys found, then. Are you surprised that only one of them went on to have any real Hollywood success? We'd love to know your thoughts on the film and the career trajectories of its stars...