What happened to Three Men and a Baby?

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We salute whoever came up with the idea of pairing Magnum P.I., Sam Malone and Mahoney in one film. Add in the fact that all three play bachelors, having to cope with the madcap aftermath of a baby turning up on their doorstep, and you have comedy gold, my friend. Based on a French movie, and directed by 'Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, 'Three Men and a Baby' was a blockbuster hit when released in 1987, spawning the sequel 'Three Men and a Little Lady' in 1990.

With a long-delayed third film ('Three Men and a Bride') looking like a possibility, we checked on the stars of the original:

Tom Selleck
Selleck may have famously lost out on the part of Indiana Jones because he was still contracted to his hit TV show 'Magnum P.I.', but he managed to get some box office glory playing architect Peter Mitchell. A series of films followed, including the 'Three Men' sequel and 'Quigley Down Under'.

A big screen version of 'Magnum P.I.' — scripted by blockbuster author Tom Clancy - was mooted, but sadly never transpired. Movie roles began to dry up, but he did have more television success. He played Monica's boyfriend as a recurring character in 'Friends', replaced James Caan on 'Las Vegas' and starred in a string of made-for-TV 'Jesse Stone' adventures. His new cop drama, 'Blue Bloods', recently debuted on US TV.

Steve Guttenberg
Might be hard to believe now, but Steve Guttenberg was an ever-present figure on the big screen in the '80s. He shot to fame playing Sergeant Mahoney in the 'Police Academy' movies, and enjoyed success in films like 'Cocoon', 'Short Circuit', 'Three Men and a Baby' and their sequels. The '90s weren't as kind to the grinning japester and he tried to reinvent himself as an action hero with disastrous results in 1998's 'Airborne' — in which he appeared to believe that simply grimacing would create some kind of gravitas.
He impressed in the role of a slimy councillor in 'Veronica Mars', however, and appeared on the US version of 'Strictly Come Dancing'.  He has also sampled the British institution that is pantomime. Last year, Guttenberg announced that work was underway on a sequel to 'Police Academy', as well as 'Three Men and a Bride'. Hurrah!

Ted Danson

Roles in soap operas and minor performances in TV shows marked Danson's early career, before shooting to fame playing the womaniser Sam Malone in 'Cheers'.
Following the success of 'Three Men and a Baby' and its sequel 'Three Men and a Little Lady', Danson went on to star in a number of films, including 'Getting Even With Dad', 'Made in America' and 'Loch Ness'. Like Selleck, he's seen much more on the small screen nowadays. He had his own show, 'Becker', before going on to forge memorable roles in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', playing an exaggerated version of himself, and 'Damages', where Danson rid himself of his likeable persona to play a narcissistic and ruthless businessman.

Nancy Travis
Travis played Sylvia Bennington — an English actress who leaves the titular baby on the doorstep of the bachelors. The native New Yorker reprised the role for 'Three Men and a Little Lady', gaining more screen time as a result. Like the rest of the main cast, she had a brief flurry of big screen attention in the late '80s and early '90s, including 'Air America', 'Chaplin' 'The Vanishing' and 'So I Murdered an Axe Murderer'. Travis reunited with Danson on his show 'Becker, and she also starred in 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' in 2005. She has recently bagged a recurring role in 'Desperate Housewives'.

The Baby

Twins Michelle and Lisa Blair were both used to play the tot Mary in the film. Not much is known about the twosome nowadays, so let's just imagine they're living the peaceful life far away from that Hollywood double whammy of the media glare and Tom Selleck's once ferociously-bushed facial fluff. Robin Weisman played Mary in the sequel. But after appearing with yet another '80s icon in 'Thunder in Paradise' (Hulk Hogan) she left the business. She married her childhood sweetheart and now works in marketing.
Whether or not she'll return for 'Three Men and a Bride' (if it ever happens) is unclear.