What Happened When Ben Affleck Asked If He Could Take the Batsuit Home?

The actor also engages in some sports trash talk with Michael Strahan

By Hilary Lewis

So now that Ben Affleck is playing Batman, does that mean he can take the batsuit home whenever he wants?

Not really.

Appearing on Live! With Kelly and Michael to promote his starring role in Gone Girl, Affleck understandably got a number of questions about that other movie he’s working on: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Specifically, co-host Michael Strahan asked if the actor could take the suit home when he’s done filming and wear it for birthday parties.

After joking, “I think I’m gonna get a lot of birthday party requests when this comes out,” Affleck revealed what happened when he wondered if he could possibly take the suit home.

“So I asked them, like, ‘What about maybe taking the suit home at the end of the thing?’ And they’re like, ‘For $100,000 you can.’ I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll just take a picture.’”

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The die-hard Boston sports fan also got in a bit of trash talk with the former Giants star.

Affleck had some kind words about retiring Yankee Derek Jeter, who played his last game on Sunday in Boston, but managed to get in a dig at the end.

“If I may say, I thought it was very classy, the treatment of Jeter by Boston fans. They showed a lot of respect,” he said. “God bless Jeter. He’s a winner. He’s a class act. There won’t be another one like him, certainly not in New York.”

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After a few boos, Strahan asked Affleck about being a Patriots fan and the actor said, “We have the greatest quarterback who’s ever lived in Tom Brady.”

Strahan, whose Giants memorably beat the Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl then shot back that Brady better “enjoy the rings he’s had before cause he won’t get anymore.”

Affleck took the comment in stride, retorting that Strahan looked a bit small, but co-host Kelly Ripa clarified that he’s getting in shape for his new movie.

Photo credit: Associated Press